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Bowers Wilkins 707s2

Bowers Wilkins 707s2

ราคา: 52,900 บาท


Key Specifications

  • 5-inch Continuum cone mid-range driver
  • 1-inch Carbon Dome tweeter
  • FlowPort technology
  • Bi-wirable binding posts
  • Satin White, Gloss Black and Rosenut finishes

What is the Bowers & Wilkins 707 S2?

The 707 S2 is pair of compact bookshelf speakers from Bowers & Wilkins’ new 700 series, which replaces the popular CM range. B&W says the 700 series is ‘inspired by recording studios and made for living rooms’.

Elsewhere in the range are three floorstanders (702 S2, 703 S2 and 704 S2) plus two centre speakers (HTM71 and HTM72), and a DB4S subwoofer for those who fancy a full home cinema system.

The 700 series’ design philosophy is ‘elegant simplicity’, which fits the 707 S2 to a tee. It’s a gorgeous speaker, but not in a showy, reinventing-the-wheel way. Instead, its visual kudos comes from clean, chiselled lines and a compact size (280mm high by 165mm wide) that makes the speakers easy to accommodate.

My samples were dressed in eye-catching Satin White, but the 707 is also available in Gloss Black or Rosenut. All three are guaranteed to look great in any living room.

On the front, the drivers are jazzed up by shiny trims and alluring textures. Even more impressive is their build quality. Heavy, solid and seamlessly assembled, they’re the definition of luxury – but at this price, I’d expect nothing less.

There are four robust binding posts for bi-wiring on the rear of the speakers, and a dimpled FlowPort that reduces noise as air moves through the cabinet.



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