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JBL : L8400PYAMAHA : RX-V477

Black Rhodium : Crusader

Black Rhodium : Crusader

ราคา: 25,000 บาท


Black Rhodium Polar Crusader DCT++ mains cable - 1.25m
To really get the best performance from your hi-fi or home cinema system, it is widely known that mains conditioning and high quality mains cables will make an enormous difference. Black Rhodium have an extensive range of some of the best mains products available at a variety of price ranges.

All 'POLAR' cables are hand crafted with precision, using carefully chosen high quality materials, and Deep Cryogenically Treated by Frozen Solid Audio Limited in a process specifically designed to meet the needs of Black Rhodium?s high performance audio cables. Superb attention to detail, and the unique benefits conveyed by Deep Cryogenic Treatment ensures Black Rhodium POLAR DCT Cables transform your enjoyment of music & films to a higher level of appreciation.

Deep Cryogenic Treatment - (DCT) Adding Depth Clarity & Timing To Music ....

Depth in music extends further as a result of more precise imaging and a quieter background

Clarity is increased through the revelation of overtones resulting from improved resolution

Timing is enhanced by increased subtlety and articulation of phasing and dynamics

Deep Cryogenic Treatment provided by Frozen Solid Audio Ltd, industry leader in this developing science,is of the highest quality.

Extensive research, consultation, and most importantly listening tests, have arrived at a proprietary recipe tuned to the needs of Black Rhodium's high quality materials.

Black Rhodium Polar Crusader DCT mains cable

Advanced Deep Cryogenic Treatment - DCT+ by Frozen Solid Audio Limited (employing extra pre and post processing molecular relaxation techniques) delivers the very clearest sharpest sound and vision. DCT super-chilled conductors and Rhodium-plating of all connectors ensures you will experience a clarity and smoothness surpassing the already outstanding Polar Warrior DCT Mains Cable. Insulated in low loss silicone rubber for leading edges and decays in music.




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