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Improving Upon the Award-Winning Cambridge Audio Azur 540 Series was Not Easy.....Introducing the New 550C!

18-months of Research & Development has Resulted in Numerous Critical Improvements

  • Double-sided surface mount technology eliminating wire links and reduces signal path for greatly improved fidelity
  • Custom made dedicated CD transport based on the 740C CD Player
  • 3rd generation of proprietary servo laser pick-up conrol using ARM7 processor
  • Precision master clock oscillator reduces jitter even further than before
  • Black mask LCD display with CD text support
  • Dual layer damped feet for improved vibrations control
  • New casework design using thicker brushed aluminum front panel with wrap around cover and no visible screws
  • Energy Star certified (New innovative circuitry design consumes less than 1-watt during standby mode)

Cambridge Audio 550C CD Player

Taking CD Performance to Another League

The new Cambridge Audio 550C CD Player offers mind-bending performance from what at first appear to be a relatively
modest design. Indeed simplicity and purity is the name of the game with the Cambridge Audio?s latest CD players which deliver excellent dynamics, clarity and superb timing from music of all genres.

Arguably the most important development is the introduction of an entirely new in-house designed servo solution.

Whereas many ?comparable? CD players utilise an inferior CD/DVD-ROM derived drive, the 550C takes full advantage of Cambridge Audio?s audio-only, CD transport which is coupled to our new highly sophisticated S3 Custom CD ServoTM. This third generation audiophile servo employs an all-new chipset and the latest double-sided surface-mount technology for ultra short signal paths with freedom from wire links. The net result gives the 550C extraordinary ability to retrieve maximum digital information whilst maintaining extremely low jitter; the digital noise that affects your listening pleasure.

After extensive listening tests, Cambridge Audio?s engineers decided that it was possible to raise the performance of the trusted Wolfson WM8740 DAC (Digital to Analogue Converter) to even greater levels and so this legendary 24bit/192kHz-capable DAC proudly features once again. But now, it?s been coupled to a new version of our proprietary Double Virtual Earth Balanced filter topology with Bessel Coefficients resulting in even greater musicality. These Wolfson DACs also feature a selectable digital filter with two settings enabling you to tailor output to best match your taste.

The Cambridge Audio 550C?s well-proven transport has been re-worked to facilitate even quieter operation and a new bracing mechanism (derived from the 740 Series) guarantees incredible rigidity. As with all Azur CD players, a high quality toroidal transformer ensures lower noise and less waveform distortion as well as incredibly quiet operation.

Like any Cambridge Audio design, usability and aesthetics are of enormous importance. Both players are a breeze to use ? either from the sturdy controls or of course the remote. The CD drawer now offers smoother, premium operation and this along with a striking new reverse black display adds even greater appeal. And for maximum user convenience, CD-text support is now featured. Of course, like all the cleverest technology, the benefits are far easier to experience than they are to explain but within moments of hearing them, you?ll be aware of these players? rich, smooth and truly accurate musical delivery.

With so much shoehorned inside, it?s astonishing how the new Azur 550C looks so elegant. In addition to a raft of sonic and environmental benefits, the new Azur range has a completely fresh contoured look with razor sharp displays and velvety smooth controls. A substantial brushed aluminium front panel, a seamless wrap-over lid assembly and dual-layer damped feet all adhere to Cambridge Audio?s rock-solid design standards and also help improve performance through superb resonance control.

Azur 550C CD Player Performance Features

  • Audio specific S3 servo solution
  • Double-sided surface mount circuitry
  • Wolfson WM8740 DACs (Digital to analogue converters) - Single
  • Three-Pole Double Virtual Earth Balanced filter topology
  • CD-Text display for suitable discs
  • Audiophile grade toroidal transformer
  • New selectable choice of sharp roll off or slow roll off filters
  • EnergyStar (<1W) standby circuits
  • New Navigator remote, also controls Azur amplifiers and docked iPods
  • New wrap-around casework design with thick brushed aluminium front panel and new reverse black DFSTN display
  • Black or Silver Finish available

Energy Star

So many highs? just one big low!

Reducing the energy consumption of our products within the bounds of maintaining optimal performance is an absolute priority for Cambridge Audio and after a lengthy research and development programme we?ve managed to produce some of the lowest consumption hi-fi ever developed.

Despite being bestowed with an unprecedented amount of technology, the new 550 and 650 ranges* benefit from a closely coveted stamp of approval by Energy Star thanks to their ability to consume less than one watt of power in standby mode. This is naturally brilliant news for the environment but what?s more, it all adds up to significant power consumption savings for you!

Critically, this incredible achievement has been realised without any effect on sound quality since Cambridge Audio?s proprietary standby circuit is totally isolated when the unit is in use. And for those occasions when you want to cut consumption completely ? on holiday for example ? hard power-down controls are located on the rear panel for complete isolation. So it would for once seem that immense performance and consideration for the environment are not mutually exclusive!

Cambridge Audio 550C CD Player Specifications

  • D/A Converters: Wolfson Microelectronics WM8740
  • 24-Bit/192kHz capable
  • Frequency Response: 20Hz - 20kHz
  • THD @ 1Khz 0dBFs: <0.0015%
  • THD @ 1kHz -10dBFs: <0.003%
  • THD @ 20kHz 0dBFs: <0.001%
  • Inter Modulation Distortion (IMD) (19/20kHz) 0dBFs: <0.001%
  • Linearity @ -90dBFs: +/- 0.5dB
  • Stopband rejection (>24kHz): >90dB
  • Signal to Noise Ratio A-wtd: >100dB
  • Total correlated jitter: <150pS
  • Crosstalk @ 1kHz: <-100dB
  • Crosstalk @ 20kHz: <-90dB
  • Output Impedance: <50 Ohms
  • Max. Power Consumption: 25W
  • Standby Power Consumption: <1W
  • Dimensions (H x W x D): 3.4" x 16.9" x 12.2?
  • Weight: 10.6 lbs




CD Player

CD Player (7)

Integrated Amp

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Phono Stage

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