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Power amp (เครื่องขยายเสียง) CROWN รุ่น : MA-3600VZ

Power amp (เครื่องขยายเสียง) CROWN รุ่น : MA-3600VZ

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Power Stereo (per channel) : 1,800w @ 2ohm, 1,560w @ 4ohm, 1,120w @ 8ohm, Bridge-Mono 3,505w @ 4ohm, 3,140w @ 8ohm.
Output Power: The following are guaranteed minimums for standard 1-kHz power from 120 VAC, 60 Hz North American units. Maximum average watts per channel (unless in Mono mode) at 1 kHz with 0.1% or less THD.

Stereo mode with both channels driven:
1800 watts into 2 ohms.
1565 watts into 4 ohms.
1120 watts into 8 ohms.

Bridge-Mono mode:
3505 watts into 4 ohms.
3140 watts into 8 ohms.

Parallel-Mono mode:
3555 watts into 1 ohm.
3190 watts into 2 ohms.

Load Impedance: Rated for 16, 8, 4, and 2 ohm use only. Safe with all types of loads, even reactive ones.

AC Power Requirements: 100 VAC, 50/60 Hz; 120 VAC, 50/60 Hz; and 230 VAC, 50/60 Hz units are available. 230 VAC, 50/60 Hz units can be used with 220 and 240 VAC. All versions draw 90 watts or less at idle. 100 and 120 VAC units can draw up to 30 amps of current; 230 VAC units can draw up to 15 amps.

Frequency Response: ฑ0.1 dB from 20 Hz to 20 kHz at 1 watt.

Phase Response: ฑ10ฐ from 10 Hz to 20 kHz at 1 watt.

Signal-to-Noise Ratio: Greater than 105 dB below rated output (20 Hz to 20 kHz, A-weighted); 100 dB below rated output (20 Hz to 20 kHz, no weighting).

Harmonic Distortion (THD): At rated output, less than 0.05% from 20 Hz to 1 kHz increasing linearly to less than 0.1% at 20 kHz.

IM Distortion (IMD): Less than 0.05% from 368 milliwatts to full rated output.

Damping Factor: Greater than 1,000 from 10 Hz to 400 Hz.

Slew Rate: Greater than 30 volts per microsecond.

Voltage Gain: (At maximum output) 20:1 ฑ6% or 26 dB ฑ0.25 dB at +26 dB gain setting, and 124.6:1 ฑ6% or 41.9 dB ฑ1.0 dB at 0.775 volt sensitivity.

Enable: A front panel push button used to turn the amplifier on and off.

Level: A 31-position detented rotary attenuator for each channel located on the front panel used to control the output level.

Stereo/Mono: A three-position back panel switch used to select Stereo, Bridge-Mono or Parallel-Mono operation.

Sensitivity: A three-position switch located inside the PIP compartment used to select one of three input sensitivities for both channels: 0.775 volts or 1.4 volts for standard 1 kHz power or a voltage gain of 26 dB.

Input Ground Lift: A two position back panel switch used to isolate the phone jack signal grounds from the chassis (AC) ground.

Reset: A back panel button for each channel used to reset the corresponding power supply. 100 and 120 VAC units have 15 amp circuit breakers. 230 VAC units have 7.5 amp circuit breakers.

Enable: This amber indicator is on when the amplifier is switched on to show that the low voltage power supply is operating.

Signal / IOC: Two green indicators flash with medium intensity in sync with the amplifier’s outputs to show signal presence. In the unlikely event the output waveform differs from that of the input by 0.05% or more, they flash brightly to indicate distortion. As sensitive distortion indicators they provide proof of performance. Note: It is normal for the Channel 2 IOC indicator to remain on in Parallel-Mono mode.



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