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Speaker ENERGY : C-100 (CHERRY)

Speaker ENERGY : C-100 (CHERRY)

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Energy has managed to outdo itself once again.  Legendary in the audio industry for making some of the best speakers, Energy has created the C-100, a true jewel.  This compact 2-way design is ingenuous, such that it can be placed in a multitude of locations or installations and still deliver incredible sonic results.   Thanks to its physical dimensions it can be stand mounted, bookshelf mounted or permanently installed on a wall thanks to its integrated MacromountTM insert (Energy MacromountTM bracket is required, sold separately).  This flexibility has been integrated into the physical, aesthetic and acoustic design, further demonstrating Energy’s attention to detail and functionality.  The hand rubbed high gloss piano finish is both classy and contemporary, alluding to the quality of fit and finish.

Whether installed as a front, side or surround channel, the C-100 is always at ease.  The quality of components used within are second to none, allowing for astonishing reproductions.  Easy to drive with almost any amplifier, they are also magnetically shielded so as to not interfere with your television.  Their braced MDF enclosures are rigid and resonance free, allowing the drivers to perform as intended.  Even more impressive is the quantity and quality of low frequencies this speaker is capable of delivering.

The C-100, ideal for any application, in any situation.


System Type: Bass Reflex, Rear Vented
Recommended Amplifier Power: up to 110 watts
Nominal Impedence: 8 ohms; Minimum Impedance: 4 ohms
55Hz-20kHz +/- 3 dB
Frequency Response:
50 Hz
Useable Bass Response

(-10db Anechoic):


anechoic 87dB
(2 speakers in a typical room): 90dB
Crossover Point: 2.6kHz
Chambered 1" Aluminum Dome,
5-1/2" Composite Fiberglas cone
Overall Dimensions:
W - 6.75"/17cm,
H - 11.5"/31.5cm,
D - 8.5"/21.5cm
Cabinet Finishes:
Cherry or Black Ash
Approx. Speaker Weight:
11lbs / 5kg
(1 speaker)
Included Accessories:
Rubber Bump





Speaker (9)


Subwoofer (1)

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