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KEF : Q300

KEF : Q300

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Kef Q300 Bookshelf Speakers. Roy Jowett Home Cinema is the only independent dealer in the Northwest of England to stock the Kef Q Series range of speakers.

The Q300 forms part of an exciting range of HiFi and home cinema speakers from Kef. The Q Series boasts high-fidelity performance and attractive styling in equal measure. Relatively compact yet highly desirable, the Q300 speakers use technology developed in the Kef ?Muon? reference level speakers (costing tens of thousands of pounds). Therefore the Q300's come with real pedigree.

The Kef Q300 bookshelf speakers are a touch larger than their siblings, the Q100 speakers. The Q300 uses a 165mm Uni-Q driver array, a touch larger than the 130mm driver found in the Q100. The extra cabinet space combined with the larger driver array allows for considerably more weight to the sound. The Q300 offers that little extra 'bite' that fans of more energetic music in particular will just love. A touch more emphasised rhythm thanks to the increased bottom end allows for a more involving listen with greater scale compared with the Q100.

With a completely blank canvas, Kef have redesigned the entire Q Series. A complete reworking of the 'Uni-Q' driver-array pushes the performance of the Q300 speakers to levels never before heard from the Q Series. Engineering, technological and design techniques developed whilst Kef were making their reference-level flagship loudspeakers have trickled down to more modestly priced bookshelf speakers and the results are exceptional.

The Kef Q300 bookshelf speakers use a completely new Uni-Q driver. At the heart of this new Uni-Q driver lies the all-new 25mm vented aluminium dome HF tweeter. The tweeter has a much larger dome capacity than in previous incarnations, enabling the Kef Q300 speaker to produce a smooth, musical wave guide that is in perfect harmony with the main Uni-Q Driver. This is something that Kef were never able to achieve with the older IQ series speakers. Sounds technical, but what that means in the real world is the Q300 speakers are about as balanced a loudspeaker you are going to get at this price. This lends itself to incredibly accurate musical reproduction. The Kef Q300 bookshelf speakers most certainly punch above their weight.

The Kef Q300 bookshelf speakers are beautifully crafted using a bespoke modern design. This new approach from Kef is refreshing to see. The new look hides all the technological advances. With 30% more volume than the older IQ range, the Q300 has more muscularity to bring your music to life.

Kef speakers have always excelled in producing natural vocals, a testament to the quality of the Uni-Q technology. The Q300 bookshelf speakers, and the Q Series as a whole, are quite something else to behold. Not only are the sweet vocals clean and controlled, there is no noticeable distortion, even at higher volumes. The Kef Q300 speakers are available to demo in our Lancashire showroom, (call 01282 864048 to book a demo) and come in a choice of three finishes: black oak, english cherry and european walnut.

Technical Specification for the?KEF?Q300

Design: Two-way bass reflex
Drive units: 130mm (6.5in.) aluminium Uni-Q, 25mm (1in.) vented aluminium, dome HF
Frequency response: ?3dB 42Hz - 40kHz
Crossover frequency: 2.5kHz
Amplifier requirements: 15 - 120W
Sensitivity: (2.83V/1m) 87dB
Maximum output: (SPL) 110dB
Impedance: 8?
Dimensions (H x W x D): 355 x 210 x 302 mm (14.0 x 8.3 x 11.9 in.)
Finishes: black oak, english cherry, european walnut




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