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The VISO THREE has a full measure of NAD performance, including a high current output stage and power supply to deliver stunning dynamic contrasts that bring your music to life. You’ll find it hard to believe it’s coming from such a compact music system.

NAD is also renowned for its CD Players, and the CD section of the VISO THREE includes all of the performance and features of our separate players. High performance DACs and audio specific parts throughout the design ensure optimal performance from your favourite CDs.

FM radio is also handled the NAD way, pulling in distant stations and making local stations sound as good as your own CDs. AM is included (and not an afterthought as it is in many products these days) and allows AM to be enjoyed with a minimum of noise and interference. There is even the option of adding NAD’s DB 2 DAB Adaptor that allows DAB and DAB+ reception with 99 Presets.

The VISO THREE Music System also includes NAD’s highly regarded IPD 2, Dock for iPod. This convenient way to enjoy your music is iPhone certified and ready to display song and artist information on the VISO THREE’s front panel display while it recharges your iPod.


By combining all your music sources into one compact system, everything you need is right at your fingertips and operates with one remote control. At NAD, our philosophy of simplicity means that we only include what’s essential and eliminate features with dubious benefit in order to spend more on improving musical performance. So, you won’t get fake 3D effects or ‘Jazz’ or ‘Rock’ settings here.

Greener NAD

The VISO THREE Music System is also incredibly energy efficient with its ultra low standby power and impressive consumption vs. performance figures. By shrinking the cost and complexity of achieving audiophile performance, the VISO THREE is not only green, it is smart.


·         50W x 2 Full Disclosure Power (20Hz-20kHz, 0.05% THD)

·         Plays CD, CD-R, MP3, WMA

·         Program tracks, Repeat, A-B Repeat, Shuffle Play

·         USB Input for music playback from USB Memory Stick

·         FM/AM RDS radio tuner with 30 Station Presets

·         Dock for iPod with remote function, recharge, and song display

·         DAB Ready (230V only) for adding optional DB 2 DAB/DAB+

·         <0.5W Standby consumption




Pre Amp

Pre Amp (5)

Power Amp

Power Amp (3)

Integrated Amp

Integrated Amp (9)


Tuner (1)

Disc Player

Disc Player (4)


Receiver (3)


Multichannel (6)

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