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QED : Silver Anniversary Bi-Wire

QED : Silver Anniversary Bi-Wire

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Speaker Cable QED Silver Anniversary Bi-Wire

Spearheading the QED Original range, Silver Anniversary provides high-end performance at a real world price. Developed from our very first ground-breaking cable, Silver Anniversary celebrates QED?s 25 years of achievement in audio design and innovation.

The quad bunches of silver plated oxygen free copper are formed into a Spiral lay and are clearly visible through the shimmer pearl white low density polyethylene jacket. This defined conductor geometry allows the use of thinner insulation which reduces cable losses and delivers superior performance.








In a single wired system unwanted mechanical and electrical resonances appear as distortion at both sets of speaker terminals. Due to the impedance of the cables these distortions will not be entirely cancelled by the amplifier, instead modulating between the two sections of the speaker system, degrading sound quality. With bi-wiring this interaction is minimised as signal distortion is ?seen? at the amplifier's output where it can be more effectively cancelled. The purpose of bi-wiring is to present a clean signal at both the bass and treble speaker terminals.





All the new bi-wire cables in the Original Range feature an enhanced geometry that minimises cable inductance by precisely spacing opposing sets of conductors. This provides greater high frequency stability, allowing the amplifier to maintain tight control of the speakers throughout the audible range.





Mode of Operation Bi-Wire
Conductor Section (mm2) 4 x 2.50
Conductor Material SLS Silver Plated 99.999% OFC
Conductor Dielectric Polyethylene
Loop Resistence (Ohm/m) 0.0149
Parallel Capacitance (pF/m) 21.5.9
Loop Inductance (ตH/m) 0.73
Dissapation Factor (@10Khz) 0.0002
Overall Size (mm) 3.3 x 17.0
Finish Shimmer Pearl White




Analog Interconnect

Analog Interconnect (4)

Coaxial Cable

Coaxial Cable (3)

Component Cable

Component Cable (2)

Composite Cable

Composite Cable (2)

Digital (HDMiDVi)

Digital (HDMiDVi) (4)

S-Video Cable

S-Video Cable (3)

Speaker Cable

Speaker Cable (13)

Subwoofer Cable

Subwoofer Cable (1)

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